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Crucians: The Other White Meat

Crucians: The Other White Meat The crucian carp is a Cyprinid fish that is related to the common carp. It is a small, silver fish that is found in ponds and slow-moving water throughout Europe. The flesh of the crucian carp is white and has a delicate flavor. The crucian carp was once popular for human consumption, but it has been largely replaced by other, more commercially-viable fish. However, the crucian carp remains popular with recreational anglers and can be caught using pole tactics or spinning gear. The flesh of the crucian carp can be pan-fried, baked, or smoked. It can also be used in fish stews or as an ingredient in other dishes. smoked crucian carp pie Here are some recipes that use crucian carp: Smoked Crucian Carp Pie Recipe Ingredients: 1 smoked crucian carp ( bones removed) 1 onion 1 leek 2 carrots 2 sticks celery 200g plain flour 100g butter 250ml semi-skimmed milk Pinch of salt and grated nutmeg For the topping: 25g butter 25g flou

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