Proud crucian fisherman reels in a monster!

Proud crucian fisherman reels in a monster!

The proud fisherman was reeling in his daily catch when he got something much bigger on the line - a monster crucian!

This huge fish was easily twice the size of any other crucian he had ever caught before, and it put up a fierce fight.

In the end, the determined fisherman hauled in his amazing catch, to the amazement of everyone who saw it.

This spectacular fish is now a prized addition to his collection, and he can brag about it to anyone who will listen!

Killer crucian carp on the rampage!

The crucian carp is a small, but ferocious fish that is native to Europe. This fish has been causing havoc in UK waterways, as it has been invading and outcompeting other fish for food.

The crucian carp can grow up to 20 inches long, and it has been known to eat other fish up to half its size. The aggressive nature of this fish means that it is able to take over the habitats of other fish, leading to a decline in their populations.

One of the main concerns about the impact of the crucian carp is that they are known to carry diseases which can be harmful to other fish. There is also a risk that they could introducing new diseases into UK waterways.

This invasive species was first spotted in UK waters in 2009, and their numbers have been increasing ever since. In order to control their numbers, we may need to Introduce new predators or parasites into our waterways.

Angler lands world record crucian carp!

In a monumental fishing feat, angler Keith Eves has landed a world record crucian carp! Weighing in at an impressive 6lbs 2oz, the carp is thought to be the largest ever caught on a UK rod and line.

Keith, who has been fishing for over 50 years, was using only a 8ft spinning rod when he hooked the carp in a local pond. "I couldn't believe it when I saw the size of the fish", said Keith. "It really was a stunning specimen."

The previous record for a crucian carp stood at 5lbs 15oz, so Keith's achievement is all the more remarkable. When asked how he felt about catching such a prized fish, Keith replied: "Absolutely elated – it's been my dream to catch a world record crucian for many years."

This exciting news is sure to reignite interest in this little-known British sport fish. So if you're looking for an adrenaline-fuelled challenge, why not try your hand at catching a world record crucian carp? It may take some time and effort, but as Keith has demonstrated, it's definitely possible!

Could this be the year of the crucian?

The crucian carp (Carassius carassius), also known as the European carp, is a common fresh water fish in the Cyprinidae family. It is a silver coloured fish with red fins and a deep, bronze-red body. The crucian carp can grow up to 1m in length and weigh up to 18kg.

The crucian carp is a popular sport fish, anglers using either bait or fly fishing techniques to catch them. They are sought after for their fighting qualities and their delicious flavour. The flesh of the crucian carp is white, firm and slightly sweet.

Crucian carp are widespread throughout Europe and can be found in lakes, ponds, canals and slow moving rivers. In the UK they are found throughout England and Wales but are most abundant in the east and south of England.

The Environment Agency has been working with anglers to boost populations of this valuable species by encouraging them to release any healthy specimens they catch back into the water. This year's mild winter weather has led to an early start to the breeding season for crucian carp and many are now being caught in good condition. If you fancy trying your hand at catching a few this spring then why not give it a go? They can be caught from both the bank or from a boat using either bait or fly fishing techniques.

Passion for prostate: Angler targets bizarre big fish

Bob Frazier has a passion for fishing, but there's one type of fish he targets above all others: the big prostate.

"I love the challenge of trying to catch a big prostate," Frazier says. "It's a bizarre fish that can be very difficult to land, but it's well worth the effort."

Frazier first became interested in catching prostrates while fishing in Florida. He was amazed at the size of some of the specimens he saw swimming in the ocean and decided to start targeting them himself.

Since then, Frazier has become an expert on hunting down big prostrates. He has developed specialized techniques for both targeting them in open water and landing them once they're hooked.

Frazier admits that catching a big prostate is not always easy. These fish can be extremely elusive and are capable of putting up a fierce fight when hooked. But he says the challenge is what makes it all so exciting.

"There's nothing quite like battling with a big prostate on light tackle," Frazier says. "It really gets your heart racing."

So far, Frazier has caught several prostrates over 10 pounds, including a record-breaking 20-pounder. He is constantly looking for bigger and better challenges, and he plans to keep chasing down these strange but amazing fish for years to come.


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